No dark goddess at DragonCon

Well, it happened again. Third time in a row DragonCon has rejected me as a guest. The insult stings, yes it does. Every other DragonMoon Press author is awarded this, but apparently someone prepared to fly 7000 miles is not. Someone who got to #3 in Fantasy on Amazon is not. I should say here, that I am NOT asking for a room etc, just to be a guest.

The last two years I have been guest of other authors and that was fine. I sucked it up and accepted. But this year with three Sir Julius Vogel nominations, as well as Chasing the Bard, Erotica a la Carte and the amazing success of Double Trouble under my belt, I felt I was seasoned enough to get guest status.

So I am sorry, if you were looking forward to meeting me at DragonCon, talking podcasting or writing, or just hanging out- I apologise, I won’t be there. I have had offers by others to be their guest at the con, and while that is lovely- it’s the principle of the thing. Until I am an official guest of DragonCon I won’t be going. If you feel like taking this up with then please do.

I’m sorry if I am letting any of you down, but the insult is a little too much for this one kiwi to take. This year is different. A year of change. If that makes me a bit of a diva, then after hours and hours of hard work over the last ten years, I think I deserve that much.

Oh yes. The dark goddess will not be bothering stepping through the veil for this one.