Art.. fan and otherwise

There is a certain time when a really girlie squeak is required, and for a writer one of those moments is when another person- all unasked, takes what you have done and creates new Art with it. Rachel Ross made me do the happy dance. She has captured Puck and Macha. Looks as though the Trickster has been pulling her tail feathers again!

The full images is in the Art and avatar section of this site.  Also there are banners, bookmarks, wallpapers and images. I always wished I could draw, but that is just not my Art. For those of you who do have it, and feel inspired by Chasing the Bard, feel free to create. As Sive tells me, the act of creation is a strike against the Unmaker. Just send it to me and I will add it to the page. I will also squeal like a teenager and dance happy.