Chapter Two

We meet Mordant and discover he has changes in mind for the Fey. Sive enters the human realm for the first time in many mortal generations to find the child and ponders how to protect him.

Chapter One

Welcome to Chasing the Bard…. step behind the Veil and meet the Fey.  Puck is easy enough to get along with, but the others are less forgiving.

Special thanks to Jack from Wander Radio who managed to talk me through some technical issues which threatened getting this released on time.  His WordPress fu made today’s chapter possible.

No dark goddess at DragonCon

Well, it happened again. Third time in a row DragonCon has rejected me as a guest. The insult stings, yes it does. Every other DragonMoon Press author is awarded this, but apparently someone prepared to fly 7000 miles is not. Someone who got to #3 in Fantasy on Amazon is not. I should say here, that I am NOT asking for a room etc, just to be a guest.

Sive’s Sixth Test

Never say the Dark Goddess doesn’t provide for her Court. As part of Double Trouble promo here is the free pdf of Digital Magic. Yes, that is right- a boon from Sive herself for her loyal human followers. You can also find the pdf of Puck’s friend Billibub Baddings newest outing The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant

Final Date for Sive’s Council

The final cut off date after which Sive will chose ten members of Court to become members of her Privy Council is 30th September. The trials can still be completed after that date but will not be eligible for the final decision.

A final feedback show and a homage to Shakespeare are the final two shows remaining, but my voice has taken a hammering in America and it will be a good few days until it is broadcast quality. So please bear with me.