The Veil closes

The final choice of the Privy Council will now be made. Sive can still accept members of her Court, but the Council Members will now be chosen. Ten lucky people will be receiving emails from the dark goddess inviting them to join.

Thank you all for your time, effort and enthusiasm for Chasing the Bard. Even Sive has been moved by all the support. Hang in there, and stay subscribed to this feed to find out about Digital Magic Podcast and other upcoming projects.

Art.. fan and otherwise

There is a certain time when a really girlie squeak is required, and for a writer one of those moments is when another person- all unasked, takes what you have done and creates new Art with it. Rachel Ross made me do the happy dance. She has captured Puck and Macha. Looks as though the Trickster has been pulling her tail feathers again!